Work Snippets

Case studies are great, but many of our sharpest ideas and favorite projects bubble up in the routine challenges we face everyday. Here's a few of the little things we love.

World Cheese Championships Awards Page

Customer Awards Showcase

When your best customers are dominating the food processing industry using your equipment, it pays to show off a little – for the both of you.

Johnson Industries Navigation Example

Main Navigation Slide-Out

As part of a complete website redesign, Astuteo built a slide-out navigation panel. After all, everyone in Wisconsin needs an impressive cheese drawer.

Digital Data Sheet Redesign

Digital Datasheet Design

A flagship website redesign often leads to the creation of new visuals that need to be adapted to other marketing materials, like sales flyers and Powerpoint presentations.

3D Rendering Example

3D Rendered Equipment Videos

Good photos of complex equipment or invisible processes are practically impossible to come by. But 3D rendered videos are a totally different story.

Blog feature photos fdn news

Timber Track News & Email

To build an audience from scratch, Forest Data Network engaged the forestry industry with niche journalism and a quarterly email newsletter.

Blog feature photos fdn request report

Request a Sample Report

With a new data product for those buying and selling timber, FDN wanted to showcase an example pricing report and gather important lead information.

Blog feature photos primex website design

Primex Website Redesign

Astuteo migrated the Primex website from ExpressionEngine to Craft CMS, redesigning it from top to bottom in the process.

Blog feature photos primex clocks

CSS-Animated Synchronized Clocks

Primex is in the business of synchronized time, so we turned a clocks photo on their homepage into an animation in sync with system time.

Blog feature photos primex mobile nav

Mobile Navigation Redesign

Mobile website visitors were not converting well for Primex. The problem was boiled down to navigation differences, with mobile lacking calls-to-action.

Blog feature photos hardcraft approval thumb

Hardcraft Catalog Approval Plugin

A manufacturer needed a platform for its approved partners to browse products online, but moderating the incoming requests was a problem.

Blog feature photos si quote cart

Request a Quote Shopping Cart

A medical device manufacturer wanted a better way for customers to request quotes for customized equipment purchases, not a generic contact form.

Blog feature photos pjps locations

Google Places API Integration

With the client already managing a large number locations in Google, managing those same locations in Craft CMS was needlessly redundant.

Blog feature photos tlx logo

TLX Logo Redesign

Thin line weights and an inseparable type and graphic lockup, made the TLX logo difficult to use. We helped evolve the brand for the better.