Work Snippets

Digital Datasheet Design


Johnson Industries had a substantial collection of sales flyers and data sheets, created by the sales team as needed, in a range of different quality levels and visual styles. The quality did not match the new website redesign.


Astuteo brought the design of the digital sales materials up to speed with new website. They were reincorporated into the site, some of them requiring registration for lead generation purposes.

Johnson Industries Datasheet Design

A website redesign often leads to the creation of new visuals that need to be adapted to other marketing materials. While some of the clients we work with have sizable marketing teams that include graphic designers, most do not. In these cases, Astuteo often provides new templates for data sheets, Powerpoint slides, and other collateral.

When Johnson Industries' preexisting PDF downloads fell too far behind the quality of its site redesign, we overhauled them and replaced the digital sales materials for a more cohesive, high-quality customer experience.

Johnson Industries International was acquired by Tetrapak® in 2017.