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Primex Slim Metal Clock
Mobile Lead Generation

Using Google Analytics, we discovered that mobile visitors were not converting well for Primex Wireless, a synchronized clocks company. So we redesigned their responsive site navigation, making it a breeze to call or email the sales team from any page, at any time. The results were incredible – a 20 to 1 increase in leads from mobile users.

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Johnson Industries Exact Weight String Cheese Machine
First Page Visibility of Top 25 Keywords

When you have the best cheesemaking equipment in the world, you want the world to know it. With our help in web design and SEO, Johnson Industries International not only took over the #1 position for many of their top keywords, in certain product categories they now own as many as five first page results. That's 71 first page results for a mere 25 keywords.

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TLX Technologies Industrial Solenoid
Website Lead Value

Engineers are notorious self-educators that conduct a ton of research before choosing, or even contacting, a vendor. Taking an evolutionary approach to site redesign, we optimized TLX Technologies’ website in chunks – from the homepage, to key sales pages, to the contact form itself. Based on lead values established by the client, the website’s worth increased 51.05% year-over-year.

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Standard Imaging's LUCY Phantom
Quote Request Volume

As a source of quality reference material, Standard Imaging’s website worked well for account managers and customers alike, but it was not an effective lead generator. By streamlining the design of product pages and simplifying the site structure, Astuteo funneled visitors to clearer, more prominent calls-to-action – increasing quote requests by a whopping 58%.

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  • Johnson Industries International
  • Primex Wireless
  • TLX Technologies
  • Saint Gobain
  • i2 Systems
  • Pro-Active Engineering
  • Standard Imaging

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