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Customer Awards Showcase


While there aren't all too many awards for equipment manufacturers, there are plenty of awards for cheesemakers. And those award-winning mozzarella-makers were almost universally using equipment from Johnson Industries International, a clear opportunity.


Astuteo created an awards page to highlight our client's connection to the winners of the World Cheese Championships. While the company itself wasn't winning cheesemaking awards, we showed that it was clearly the preferred equipment choice of the best producers.

Johnson awards 2x

As part of a full site redesign, we created a Press and Awards section to showcase results from the annual World Cheese Championships. Each year, as soon as the winners were announced, our client was able to easily create a new entry in Craft CMS. For each winner that was also a customer, Johnson was able to label them with one or both of its primary lines of equipment. 

Visitors to the website could browse back nearly 15 years and see that Johnson Industries was behind the very best cheesemakers year after year. The page also positively impacted search engine results, both from the timeliness of publishing and the many mentions of top cheesemaker names.

Johnson Industries International was acquired by Tetrapak® in 2017.