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TLX Logo Redesign


While conceptually sound, TLX Technologies' logo proved challenging to use in production due to its thin line weights, small arrows, and the type’s inseparability from the graphic surrounding it. With the company requiring an expanded set of logos for its subsidiaries, it was the ideal time to evolve the TLX visual brand for the better.


Astuteo worked with one of Madison and Milwaukee's favorite designers, Paul Bartlett. Paul designed a new logo, along similar conceptual lines, but easier to expand into other sub-brands and more effective than the original logo in print and digital formats.

Tlx logo presentation main reverse

Some of the themes explored included the Earth, magnetic fields, coils, and polarity. The prominence of circles in these themes paired especially well with the global focus of TLX Technologies.

In the final mark, we narrowed in on the basic lines, shapes, and elements of electromagnetism. A set of three concentric circles, duplicated and offset, hints at shapes found in magnetic fields and polarity while creating a unique two-dimensional gestalt that implies a three-dimensional coil. The filled space resulted in a finished mark that is abstract enough to hold different brand values and meanings, without venturing too far from TLX’s existing brand, products, and services.

Tlx logo presentation original compare

A notch and a tilt for some visual rhythm

The letters TLX proved difficult to balance visually. To do so, a notch was incorporated into the top right of the T (matching the angle of the X) to balance the logotype. The mark itself was rotated and set upon the same 30° tilt for additional rhythm with the added benefit of a three-dimensional effect.

Tlx logo details

A consistent brand for all subsidiaries

The concentric circle mark together with type set in FF Mark work well together, yet function independently. The descriptive entity line below the “TLX” and its various justifications allow the system to accommodate all the brand growth that TLX can throw at it, while enabling a cost-effective transition away from existing materials.

Tlx logo presentation corporate