Work Snippets

String Cheese Cost-Savings Calculator


Johnson Industries improved traditional string cheese extruding and cutting with a precise cavity-filling method, but the company needed a way to show how fractions of gram added up to big savings.


Astuteo created a calculator module allowing customers to plug in their own operational and market data to determine the value of switching to Johnson's new machines.

String Cheese Cost-Savings Calculator

In addition to the basic numbers, an animated string cheese illustration was added alongside the calculator. As the required weight vs. target weight ratio changed, the overfill on the traditional string piece grew larger and smaller to show the difference.

A Share Results button was also incorporated, allowing users to email their results to other decision-makers in their company. Each share was saved in Craft CMS to give Johnson additional insight into the savings the machine would generating for typical customers.

Johnson Industries International was acquired by Tetrapak® in 2017.