Work Snippets

3D Rendered Equipment Videos


With action happening on all sides, not to mention inside and out, large equipment is especially difficult to photograph. Consistent lighting, good angles, and key features all need to find their way into the final image. It's a very tall order for even the biggest and best operations.


Lucky for us, Chris Kubiak of Drawski works right around the corner. Chris led the creation of a series of equipment videos for the client, bringing their vision to life with the help of his 3D rendering and animation experience. The results speak for themselves, and loudly.

Even when great videography is both available and affordable, much of what happens in high-production cheesemaking processes is either hidden inside machines or downright invisible to the naked eye (like laser measurement). And while standard video is a better medium than photography for action shots, it still not perfect for illustrating context and continuity.

In this situation, animation gave us the best of everything. Engineers on the client side exported CAD models of their equipment, while the technical and management team outlined each step of the process. From there, the models were simplified and storyboards created for review, eventually resulting in these videos and more.

All videos by Chris Kubiak of Drawski, LLC for Johnson Industries International.