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Pairing Solutions with Case Studies


TLX's custom solenoids are engineered for specific use cases, but can also be repurposed for different applications. The client needed a way to showcase the details of completed products, while not pigeonholing the flexibility of the product concept.


We chose to feature both Solutions and Case Studies on the site, with each section supporting the other.  Case Study entries focused on real-world projects and related specs, while the Solution entries focused the broader problem TLX was capable of solving.

Website 2023 tlx solutions and case studies

Nearly all of TLX Technologies' products are custom, but with core technology that can be repurposed, resized, or reconfigured for a variety of applications. This proved challenging to communicate in the past, having only one entry for each product.

By showcasing the product across two entries – the general solution and a specific application of it – the page content grew clearer, SEO opportunities increased, and website content was easier to define and manage.