Analytics and Insight

Astuteo harnesses web analytics tools, such as Google Analytics, to help Wisconsin businesses answer questions like:

  • What keyword bring customers to your website? How many of these searches turn into leads?
  • Which pages on your website generate more brochure downloads than others?
  • How does the ROI of your email marketing compare to your banner ads?
  • Which copy prompts more form submissions on a product page – long descriptions or short bullet-points?
  • Did that discount email entice new customers or existing clients?
  • What percentage of your marketing budget to paid search?
  • Is social media worth the time and effort for your company?

Tailoring Google Analytics to you

We lay the foundation for accurate, insightful analysis: data from your website and digital campaigns is neatly organized in Google Analytics, while noise is filtered out. Our approach lets your team act on precise data without worrying about the technical intricacies of proper implementation.

Clean incoming data
We highlight the traffic from, and the actions of, your niche market.

Measure all relevant clicks
We pair Google Analytics, Adwords and Tag Manager to capture all valuable interactions by visitors.

Complete campaign integration
Display ads, emails and paid search campaigns are seamlessly integrated into your Google Analytics account.

Tracking data that matters

Google Analytics can measure virtual anything. We’ll eliminate the rat’s nest of numbers and pull metrics that directly influence your revenue to the forefront.

Key performance indicators (KPIs)
Metrics that increase the likelihood of a website visitor turning into a qualified lead.

Revenue generated by website
We use your sales and lead-gen data to exact dollar values to important actions such as submitting a form or attending a webinar.

Goal-focused dashboards
We consolidate KPI and goal data in easy-to-read reports then automatically export and email the information to key decision makers on a routine basis.

Turning numbers into insights

We use our years of experience working with and within marketing teams to turn data into maps to your corporate goals. We’ll provide you with steps they to improve your KPIs, and in-turn, your overall revenue.

Smarter media buying
We’ll provide vital information about paid and unpaid channels leading to your website, then use this information to suggest budget changes that will increase your ROI.

Actionable benchmarks
KPIs are trended over time to establish rough baseline measurements. These initial benchmarks are then used to develop target values for each KPI in one-quarter, six months and one year.