Web Development

The bottom line at Astuteo? Every situation is unique. So when it comes to developing the the exact tools Wisconsin businesses need, we always build to suit.

Fast, Flexible Architecture

Successful companies embrace change. At Astuteo, we help you make the most of your limited internal resources by responding quickly to new insight. Every time we touch your website, we do so with meticulous attention to detail making sure to get your site right today, but keeping it flexible enough to meet your changing needs tomorrow.

Optimized for Search Engines and Human Beings

Search engines deliver information more efficiently than any other product in history — and the right information, at the right time, delivers new customers. From optimal site structure, to strategic content and compelling imagery, our aim extends beyond simply increasing raw traffic. We build websites designed to instill confidence and persuade customers.

Client-Friendly Content Management

Astuteo is the leading expert in Wisconsin on Craft and ExpressionEngine, the preferred content management systems of top designers & web professionals. These flexible, feature-rich systems bring your daily website updates in-house, saving valuable time and money on site maintenance. Add and edit pages, manage products and services, publish news and events, and more — all through a clean and easy-to-use control panel.