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From pest infestations to new innovations, all sorts of environmental and economic conditions affect the value of trees. For the average forest land owner, however, these values are hard to track. Forest Data Network came to us with a valuable new service in the form of regional pricing reports, and we helped them get the word out.

Forest Data Network Web Design

E-Commerce Subscriptions with Craft CMS and Stripe

This project offered a ton of exciting challenges, especially with regard to the organization of the pricing reports. Starting with Wisconsin, there were 13 unique regional reports, plus an aggregate statewide report and an all-access pass. Pricing, frequency, and access level all varied by report.

With custom categories and some fancy SVG work, we made it simple to define the counties in each region and dynamically generate maps. Stripe was integrated with Craft Commerce to power subscriptions, manage payments, and handle receipts.

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Request a Sample Report

With a new data product for those buying and selling timber, FDN wanted to showcase an example pricing report and gather important lead information.

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Timber Track News & Email

To build an audience from scratch, Forest Data Network engaged the forestry industry with niche journalism and a quarterly email newsletter.

Scope of Work

  • Website Design
  • Web Development
  • Craft CMS
  • Craft Commerce + Stripe
  • Custom Plugin Development
  • Email/Direct Marketing
  • Search Engine Optimization

Astuteo had the right array of tools and communicated quickly and thoroughly through any questions or issues. They are really good strategic partners!

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