Hardcraft Industries

Meticulously designed and field tested, Hardcraft Industries' precision-engineered metal products support the world's top utilities, airports, sports stadiums, and hospitality chains. Fresh off a rebrand and driven by new ownership, Hardcraft partnered with Astuteo to design its new website and digital product catalogs.

Screenshot from Hardcraft digital product catalog

Developing an Access-Controlled Product Catalog

Like many system manufacturers, Hardcraft needed a platform for its partners to browse and order products online. Dealer catalog access was originally available upon request but the short delay between customer registration and inside approval created a significant user-experience issue.

To deliver the best of both worlds, we developed a custom Catalog Approval plugin for Craft CMS to funnel chosen email services or extensions into Hardcraft's approval queue while auto-approving all the rest – minimizing unwanted registrations without being a bother to potential new customers.

Hardcraft.com website photos by Jordan Reeder Photography / www.reederphoto.com