Mobile Dropdown Conversion

Drop-down menus powered by scripts like Suckerfish, Superfish, and the like have been widely adopted across the web. While effective in larger hover-enabled and mouse-driven formats, they prove problematic within the limited real estate of a mobile viewport.

Intended for responsive retrofits, this stylesheet will grab that cumbersome dropdown menu and position it atop the viewport in an unobtrusive and usable way.


  • Targets unordered list drop-down menus
  • Powered by CSS media queries and a little jQuery
  • Single base color for easy color adjustment
  • Works two levels deep
  • Integrates nicely with Superfish drop-downs
Mobile Dropdown Screenshot

The Mobile Dropdown Conversion was created by Matt Everson of Astuteo – that’s me – and it’s entirely free for you to download and use, modify for your own applications, or otherwise make millions off of. That said, if you happen to find yourself so overwhelmed with gratitude that you want to buy me a beer with Bitcoin, there’s no doubt the gesture will be appreciated. Either way, enjoy.