Buy a brother a cold beer?

This project was created by Matt Everson of Astuteo – that’s me – and it’s entirely free for you to download and use, modify for your own applications, or otherwise make millions from.

That said, if you happen to be a fellow believer in cryptocurrency and so overwhelmed with gratitude that you can't help but buy me a cold beer with Bitcoin, there's no doubt your gesture will be appreciated. Either way, enjoy.

Donation Addresses

  • Bitcoin BTC 3PC7sseUcTFRDG5SuP713rHMp51Yp79Ynt
  • Litecoin LTC MDoZaCqB57PPWZgrSkfvoRUiQkn14Mkqah
  • Ethereum ETH 0x6f62d4F65Ed04E0357fFC49663B7fc18829fAffC