What We Do

Manufacturers that partner with Astuteo want to own their industry. They have the products and the people to outpace competitors, but need the digital marketing strategy to make waves across their marketplace.

Our technical expertise, proactive communication, and unmatched work ethic allows us to build the podium manufacturers want and deliver the financial impact they need.

Reach buyers in your niche

B2B manufacturing customers do the majority of their research and comparison online; long before contacting, or hearing from, a salesperson. Without investigating this phase of the decision-making process, businesses are left with guesses and assumptions rather than facts to use later in the sales cycle. Astuteo has the marketing tools to help manufacturers reach these customers earlier and shape their opinions well before the competition.

Translate technical specs into convincing content

Technical specifications are the root of a manufacturer's competitive advantage – speed saves labor hours, automation improves safety, accuracy cuts cost. Astuteo frees your sales points from drab charts and packages them with the professional design and interactive tools to make your product compelling to even the most skeptical buyer.

Engage throughout long sales

We work with a variety of manufacturers, so we know the importance of engaging customers throughout lengthy sales cycles and into post-sale support/maintenance. Our expertise marketing beyond “Point A” and “Point B” will help you build relationships with new clients and strengthen bonds with existing customers.

Track revenue and results

We use data analysis to make sure every marketing dollar our clients spend is repaid multiple times over. This includes identifying opportunities for direct cost-savings, assigning dollar values to key actions (such as lead submissions), and busting our butts all week to help you increase sales.