TLX Technologies: Experts in Custom Solenoid Design

A year ago we made the choice to work solely with manufacturers. The motivation behind our decision was simple: manufacturing executives/marketers were a blast to work with, the industry was underserved, and we loved learning about the products manufacturers design and build.

Ten months later, all three factors ring truer than ever, but what surprises me is just how much I love watching the design and build process. Whether an unfulfilled caveman yearning to turn raw materials into tools, or my childhood love of Lego and Lincoln Logs resurfacing, I can't get enough of watching people make things. The work of engineers and production specialists at TLX Technologies is particularly fascinating because of the astounding expertise required to make a seemingly simple object.

TLX designs and builds custom solenoids and solenoid valves for a broad range of fields including automotive, fire suppressions systems, and utility vehicles. What is a solenoid? Well, in my novice understanding, it's a small cylinder with metal wire wrapped around it and a core that moves when a current is applied/removed. Like classic Italian dishes, solenoids are deceivingly simple at face value, but making one great requires decades of experience. TLX is a master and everyone else is a sous chef (I may be biased but try and prove me wrong) because their grasp of the science of solenoid operation allows their engineering team to see opportunity for improvement where others are content.

An example of TLX Technologies' skill in solenoid design is their work with a prominent motorcycle manufacturer. The manufacturer needed a solenoid that would make it easier to start the motorcycle's motor (imagine a burly bearded man jumping on a manual starter with all his might), but were told by many solenoid suppliers that it couldn't be done. Luckily the manufacturer came to their senses and contacted TLX.

Not only did the team at TLX create a custom solenoid that delivered exactly what the manufacturer wanted, but the component's performance allowed the motorcycle's battery, starter motor and alternator to be smaller. The size reductions meant the cost of building a motorcycle was lowered; savings the manufacturer passed onto customers.

The motorcycle solenoid perfectly embodies what's captivating about TLX Technologies, when everyone else says, "Um…that can't be done," their engineers find and deliver a solution. And perhaps that's why I continue to love watching and learning about how TLX works: in a world where I rarely have the chance to build something tangible, their team gets to create industry-advancing solutions from metal every single day.